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Product Help and Guides

Help and Advise With All Health Problems That May Occur

Disclaimer: We would never advocate not seeking veterinary advice when required. The below information is only a guide and the products we supply are seen as the step before seeking veterinary advice.

1. Treating Air Sac Mites
2. Advice on Feeding your finches
3. Supplements Advice
4. Baldness in Gouldian Finches
5. Housing Your Finches
6. Feather Mites in Birds
7. Egg Binding in Birds
8. Respiratory Tract Infection in Birds
9. Intestinal Parasite in Birds
10. Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders in Birds
11. Calcium Deficiency In Birds
12. Iodine Deficiency in Birds
13. Yeast Infection in Birds
14. Round Worm In Birds
15. Bacterial and Fungal Skin Infections in Birds
16. Feather Plucking in Birds
17. Nestling Rejection by Gouldians
18. Amount & Methods for Hand Feeding with ER Formula & Rearing with Crop Tubes Help & Advice
19. Symptoms, Diagnostic and Treatment Guide
20. The Importance of a Completed Moult for Successful Breeding Outcomes
21. Egg Laying Support Program For Pet Bird
22. Backyard Chickens / Young Bird Programme
23. Common Health Problems of Backyard Chickens
24. Spring Moult Program for Gouldians, Finches & Canaries
25. Non Breeding Program For Gouldians, Finches & Canaries
26. Breeding Program For Gouldians, Finches & Canaries
27. Pre Breeding Austerity Program for Gouldians, Finches & Canaries
28. Health Program for Juvenile Gouldians, Finches & Canaries
29. Megabacteria in Birds
30. The Products of Dr. Marshall’s Health Program
31. A year in the life of a racing pigeon

Please feel free to EMAIL US for advice or guidance on how to use a product, were more than happy to help.

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