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Backyard Chickens

Poultry flocks are at a distinct health advantage because they run free. They receive large amounts of sunlight and natural foraging allows them to select exactly what they need from the green food and soil of the garden environment. On the downside, the garden environment and a pelleted ration alone, is lacking in the minerals and essential oils necessary to remain perfectly healthy and product quality eggs.
The garden can also become a haven for germs and parasites that abound in wet areas after rain and care must be taken to minimize exposure to these hazardous areas.

Dr Marshall has developed two health programs for chickens that provide all of the additional vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary to continuing good health.
When incorporated with a free-range environment, this system will ensure your poultry flock glows with health and product superior quality eggs.

The young bird program (below) is designed for young birds that are less than 5 months old and have not yet reached laying age (22-26 weeks)

The egg laying program (below) is for adult birds and provides a continuous supply of energy, vitamins, minerals and trace elements so important to egg quality and ongoing good health.

Both programs as much as possible follow the principles of organic farming and encourage natural resistance to common poultry problems such as Mareks, respiratory and viral diseases. The use of KD Water Cleanser once a week enhances and maintains a strong level of natural resistance by protecting the flock from germs in the food, water and environment.

Dufoplus and Ioford provide the vitamins and trace elements necessary for superior feather quality as well as ongoing health and vitality. The combination is given in the drinking water for two days each week.
TurboBooster, E Powder and F Vite provide a rich supply of protein and energy and are given on a small amount of seed for three days egg week for young birds and daily for egg laying birds.
The essential oils present in TurboBooster also help to product the finest quality eggs.

Quik Gel is used during period of rain to provide a readily available source of energy and vitamins.
Its disinfecting properties have a fast action against the germs that appear during rain and helps to prevent the common health problems associated with inclement weather

Young Bird Program

The aim of this program is to stimulate natural health and immunity in young birds so that repeat treatments for worms and coccidiosis become unnecessary when the birds reach egg laying age. A basic diet of fresh poultry pellets is made available at all times and each morning, TurboBooster, E Powder and F Vite are given on one cup of sterile seed as energy, vitamin and mineral booster.
Drinking water supplements are given on the appropriate days (Friday – Sunday) and three days (Tuesday – Thursday) have been reserved as optional medication days. On these days, the disease prevention regime for young birds should be followed. During cold spells and periods of rain, Quik Gel is given in the drinking water. This program continues until young birds have started egg laying or complete their juvenile moult.



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