S76 Dr Rob Marshall’s S76 – In Water Bird Mites Air Sac Mite Red Mites Lice Treatment

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S76 Bird Mites In Water Prevention and Treatment for bird mite infestations

The Only and Original Airsac Bird mite in water treatment –  If you have lots of birds, making it almost impossible to catch, then S76 is for you!
S76 is administered in the drinking water, which is the most convenient and effective method for treating individual or flock birds against bird mites. 

S76 will control red mites, northern mites, air sac mites, feather mites, bird mites, blood parasites, blood sucking lice, flies and roundworms.
There will be a noticeable increase in both noise and activity level days after S76 is administered, even if air sac mites were not present in your bird.

  • Simply add it to the drinking water
  • 100% safe for young in the nest, during the moult and does NOT effect fertility what so ever!
  • S76 controls all mites, red mite, northern mite, air sac mites, feather mites, blood parasites, blood sucking lice, flies and roundworms.
  • S76 is also effective for Scaly Face and Leg mites.

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Dr Rob Marshall S76 for Bird Mites, Lice, Worms

S76 is administered in the drinking water, which is the most convenient and effective method for treating individual or flock birds against bird mites.

For use with ALL Birds and ages – Cage and Aviary birds, Finches, Canaries, Budgies, Parrots, Pigeons and Poultry, and being particularly useful for juveniles, breeding pairs, safe for young in the nest and during the moult!

S76 for birds controls red mite, northern mites, air sac mites, feather mites, blood parasites, blood sucking lice, flies and roundworms.

The Original and number 1 Air Sac & bird mite treatment in water!

If you have lots of birds making it almost impossible to catch, then S76 is for you!
S76 is administered via the drinking water, so no need to catch your birds and stress them out unnecessarily.

S76 can be used to Control ALL mites living inside a bird’s body or mites that bite your birds and suck blood. Eg Red Mites.
Any mite that live inside of a bird or will bite a bird and suck blood will be gone by S76!

Symptoms include:

  • Wheezing,
  • clicking,
  • sneezing,
  • coughing,
  • neck stretching,
  • nostril discharge,
  • open mouth breathing and excessive beak wiping.

The frequency and duration of S76 administration differs between those birds showing active symptoms of infestation and those on a preventative plan. Please use only as instructed, by adding more than stated or giving S76 more often than advised will not help your bird/s any quicker and this is why initial treatment needs to be spread out over a course of 4 weeks to ensure the whole life cycle of the mite is controlled.

Transmission Air-sac mites are transmitted through direct contact of adults feeding regurgitated food to their young and also through courtship feeding between adults. Research suggest that transmission of this mite occurs by adult non-pregnant females that migrate out of the nares (nostrils) onto the head plumage and eventually into a new host. Therefore, a complete cleaning of the nest, cage, aviary and environment must be done on the 2nd day of S76 treatment with a good avian insecticide spray (Vetafarms avian insect liquidator) must be this and not just a disinfectant as they have no effect on mites on fungi, bacteria etc

Bird Mite Spray for housing – https://www.fabfinches.co.uk/product/vetafarm-insect-liquidator-for-mites-lice-cage-bird-disinfectant-cleaner/

Aviary / Flock Treatment with S76:

For initial treatment give 3 consecutive days for the first week and then repeated for 2 days each week for a further 3 weeks and treat ALL birds that you have, not just the ones that are showing symptoms.

  • Remove all other water sources including fresh greens, fruit and vegetables on the days of the S76 treatment
  • Remove all water tubes the night before each S76 treatment. Using this technique will ensure that all the birds are thirsty the next morning and will prevent the birds from drinking in the morning before you have had chance to place the S76 in their drinking water. Immediately after mixing S76 each morning, replace the water tubes and each bird will take a big drink.
  • Mix S76 fresh each morning of treatment – Do not mix large quantities and store for the multiple day treatment, as S76 is only potent for 7-8 hours once mixed in water and will prevent waste.



Quik Gel can be included in the treatment plan as an immediate and important sustained energy source to help accelerate recovery, act as a disinfectant and stress vitamin.

To further help accelerate the recovery plan the below can be given.

As a Precaution / Preventative Plan:

A preventative plan is introduced after the initial 4 week treatment.
S76 is administered for 2 consecutive days each month to Juveniles (Summer & Autumn) and Adult birds during the moult (Winter & Spring).
S76 & Quik Gel is given 1 day each month to breeding birds as prevention or 2 consecutive days each month when ambient temperatures are above 22 degrees for an immediate and important sustained energy source to help accelerate recovery.
For birds housed outdoors in the winter months, treatment can be done every 3 months.
Recommended treatment schedule for birds housed outdoors or eating a diet containing live foods is `in water` for one day each month.

Secondary Respiratory Infections:

The symptoms should start to subside in 2-3 days with the S76 treatment in the water. If the symptoms lessen, but do not completely go away, your bird ,may also has a secondary respiratory infection due to the mites that will need additional treatment.

S76 is also effective for Scaly Face and Leg mites.

Scaly Face Treatment:

Apply undiluted S76 directly to the affected skin using a Q-tip each day for one week (same day that S76 is added to the drinking water)
until all signs of mite have disappeared (recovery varies from 2-8 weeks depending upon the severity of infestation.
Usual cure time is 3-4 weeks with mild infestations. Keep away from eyes & nostrils.
Also on the same schedule apply S76 to the drinking water.
Because scaly face & leg can also be nutritional and weak gene based, reassess the nutrition of the bird.

S76 as Wormer  – will Control Hair and Round worms, and has been effective in treating Acuaria spp.
Spirurold worms in some species other than Gouldians. S76 is recommended for the control of Gizzard worms in Gouldians.
S76 will not treat tape worms. Worm Away can be used in rotation with S76 if your bird has been diagnosed with tape worm.
Recommended treatment schedule for birds housed outdoors or eating a diet containing live food is to treat in water one day each month.

Health Stimulant – S76 is the original air-sac mite treatment in water, and the only treatment to contain Slippery Elm.
Slippery Elm bark is an ingredient also found in various lung medicines used for humans. When combined with water, slippery elm coats and soothes the mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines, and protects your bird’s digestive tract from the irritation that the Ivermectin can cause.
It always has such a positive effect on birds…. Slippery Elm possesses astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Slippery Elm is the component that offers the anti-bacterial property to the S76 on the back of the bird’s throat to kill any unwanted bacteria. Slippery Elm absorbs impurities and toxins, thereby, helping them pass harmlessly out of the body. It nourishes the whole body and assists the activity of the adrenal glands. Slippery Elm has a positive effect on relieving sinus inflammation, which is especially relevant for the bird suffering with air-sac mites.

Birds can also bathe in S76!

Birds bathing in S76 will control any external feather parasites. Used on the same days as the in water drinking treatment days.
However, a good Bird mite Spray (Vetafarms avian insect liquidator) must also be used throughout their environment on the 2nd day of S76 treatment (cleaning the cage/aviary is also very and just as important to ensure that any mites hiding in the cracks / crevices of the housing are killed and do not re-infest the birds.
This should be followed up several days later with a KD Water Cleanser bath. This second bath will remove all the dead mites and help promote lustrous clean feathering.

S76 Mixing Rates (Mix Fresh Daily):

Finches, Canaries and Pigeons:
2 level teaspoons = for one gallon of water
1 teaspoon = 5ml for 2 litres of water (approx. 2 quarts)
½ teaspoon = 2.5ml for 1 litre of water (approx. 1 quart)
¼ teaspoon = 1.25ml for 500ml of water (approx. 2 cups)
1/8 teaspoon = .63ml for 250ml of water (approx. 1 cup)
6 drops for 125ml of water (approx. 4 ounces)
3 drops for .63ml of water (approx. 2 ounces)

Budgerigars and Parrots
4 level teaspoons = for one gallon of water
2 teaspoons = 10ml for 2 litres of water (approx. 2 quarts)
1 teaspoon = 5ml for 1 litre of water (approx.
1 quart) ½ teaspoon = 2.5 ml for 500 ml of water (approx.2 cups)
¼ teaspoon = 1.25ml for 250ml of water (approx.1 cup)
1/8 teaspoon = .63ml for 125ml of water (approx. 4 ounces)
6 drops for 63ml of water (approx. 2 ounces)

S76 is Suitable and safe for ALL birds of all ages and does not harm young or effect fertility, finches, canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, parrots waterfowl, pigeons & poultry

Keep out of reach of children
For animal treatment only
Store below 25 degrees, may be refrigerated but do not freeze

S76 is available in: 30ml, 100ml , 250ml & 1 Litre

Active Ingredients: Ivermectin 0.8g/1 & Slippery Elm

S76 is a concentrate and when mixed with water goes a long way!
S76 bird mite medicine treatment – When mixed for Finches, Canaries, and Pigeons Concentrate
100ml makes 10 Gallons Concentrate, 250ml makes 25 Gallons.

Product Expiry: 05/2024

This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with Schedule 6 of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations – Exemptions for small pet animals

Fab Finches are the only authorised supplier in the UK of S76 and cannot be purchased anywhere else in the UK.

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14 reviews for S76 Dr Rob Marshall’s S76 – In Water Bird Mites Air Sac Mite Red Mites Lice Treatment

  1. Jack

    S76 has got to be the most easiest and best product I have used in my years of bird keeping and mite prevention for my birds, will stick by this and not use anything else!

  2. Lesley52

    Have always used spot-on treatments previously but with an aviary full of finches that was a daunting task! This is so much easier and the birds are looking good after the first week’s treatment, So much easier

  3. Izzy

    SAVED MY BIRDS – I can not express how good S76 is, after nothing else worked (even taking my bird to a vet, with no luck) this stuff worked and has literally saved my birds lives

  4. James

    impressed with product!! Had a bit of air sac mite and clearing up within 3 days

  5. Ivy

    Truly Remarkable, agree with other reviews, saved my birds, that mean the world to me, THANK YOU

  6. Frank1959

    So far so good, birds appear to be getting better and breathing easier, so think its working

  7. Nikos from Crete Greece

    I received the s76 today thank you very much !!!

  8. mash

    I never used this before and im glade that i ask someone how to get rid of mites and it worked 1oo%. Now no need to worry about having mites in my birds . Very pleased with the product.

  9. Gemma Higginbottom

    All purchases comes with a `how to use` leaflet including the dilution rates and can also be found on the website.
    For poultry or where eggs are eaten it is advised to withdraw the eggs for a 7 day period when using S76.

  10. tina

    found mites in my birds seed my budgie was dying lost lots of weight stopped eating drinking head tucked in itchy face thank god I had this in my cupboard first week s course and massive improvement dropping better eating chirping saved my babies life many thanks highly recommend

  11. Julian

    The best stuff Ive ever used, I should’ve buy this sooner.. After the 4 weeks,, applying correctly,, I can’t find a single mite anymore..and the birds look like never before.. BRILLIANT,, well done Rob Marshall. Very important to clean the environment aswell.. After every week. List the 4 weeks you geve them in the water and bath. Big THANK YOU 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁

  12. Joy Mitchell

    I would like to add my findings to the other comments made, I have not seen a sign of any mite since using S76 and as my birdroom houses approx. 100 Gouldians this breeding season has been a pleasure without any mite in nest boxes etc. Also the birds are more active and are having larger clutches and as I only parent rear my birds it is important that they are fit and healthy, so I cannot reccomend S76 enough .

  13. Emma Lawson

    Amazing stuff I have used it on my budgie & cockatiel with perfect results, so I highly recommend it to all bird owners. I love the fact it so easy to use, just pop it into their water & that’s it. No stressing your birds out with sprays or spots on treatments anymore! I will be a lifelong user of this product now so thank you very much! 🙂

  14. Lee

    I have used this to treat Air sac mites this along side much needed support from Quick Gel it saved my birds! Thankyou Dr Rob Marshall. And fabfinches for have UK stock was able to source urgently required meds 👍

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