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Common Health Problems of Backyard Chickens & Hens


Coccidiosis is a fatal disease in poultry and is managed with the use of Morning Birds Cocci-Care or Carlox When incorporating cocci care into a preventative program it is important to remember there is a 1 week withholding period following its use.

Uterus Infection:

Uterus infections often occur secondary to mineral and vitamin deficiencies. These deficiencies are mostly associated with Mould infections.
Symptoms of uterus infection include soft or rough shelled eggs, failure to lay eggs and then Peritonitis (bloated abdomen).
The fever associated with Peritonitis and uterus infection leads to septicemia and death.
Once established, uterus infections are difficult to reverse. They can be prevented by the weekly use of KD Powder and by following an on going health program that especially includes F Vite and TurboBooster.


Worms are often associated with wet weather conditions. Prevention is achieved by administering Morning Birds Worm Away in the drinking water.
There is a 7 day withholding period following use of medications.
When good resistance has been established, treatments are only required if an outbreak occurs.

Mould Infection:

Mould infection may cause breathing difficulties such as gasping. It is rapidly fatal disease that is usually contracted from mould accumulating in the yard. It is important to ensure there is no mould accumulation in the yard to prevent this from occurring. Mould infection are controlled by adding KD to the drinking water for one day each week.

Blocked Gizzard:

Following wet weather or fluctuating temperatures poultry often over-engorge on dirty soil. The grit and minerals contained in the soil may cause the gizzard to become obstructed leading to a build up of food in the crop. This problem is called a blocked gizzard.
A bird with a blocked gizzard will drink more, and defecate less ad the comb will become pale in colour. The droppings may become white or cream in colour.

At the first sign of a blocked gizzard, the bird should be moved away from any soil and given an emergency first treatment containing ER Formula and Quik Gel.
This lubricating solution helps to flush out the blockage and treatment should continue twice daily for 3 days.
It may not be possible to clear longstanding obstructions.

To prevent this problem from occurring it is important to ensure chickens receive the correct nutritional balance by using F Vite, this will stop them from wanting to over-engorge on soil. Additional Quik Gel (2ml into 1 litre of drinking water) should be used during wet weather to provide additional energy and protect against mould problems associated with this condition.


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