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Round Worm In Birds – Treatment and Prevention

Roundworm in Birds

Intestinal parasites can cause many problems in a bird’s stomach and intestines, but also affects the normal functions of other organs.
Roundworms, in particular, are a type of parasite which affects the bird’s digestive tract.

Symptoms and Types

The usual symptoms of a roundworm infection are weakness and weight loss. Also, if left untreated, the roundworms can eventually obstruct the bird’s intestine.


Pet birds usually contract roundworms from wild birds, either from encountering these wild animals while being housed outdoors or from its time at a bird store (if it was brought from one). Infected birds can also transmit the parasites to its eggs


Roundworms are diagnosed by testing the bird’s droppings for parasitic eggs.
Roundworm can be treated with Morning Birds Worm Away effectively by adding it to the birds drinking water.
A second or third dose of the medicine is sometimes necessary for removing all roundworm eggs.

Also, if the roundworms coil into a bunch and obstruct the bird’s intestines, surgery may be needed.


You can prevent a gastrointestinal parasite from infecting your bird, by regularly de-worming.

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