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Popular Symptoms, Diagnostic and Treatment Guide

This guide has been designed to help individuals unable to self diagnose or without access to an avian veterinarian

Symptoms Treatment
Air Sac Mites S76
Balding Liquid Iodine, Ioford, DufoPlus, Powdered Kelp
Chlamydial Infections Megamix
Clear Eggs DufoPlus, Ioford
Coccidiosis Prevention Cocci-Care, Carlox
Cochlosoma Protozoa Ronex
Dead in Shell Bacterial, Viral, Diet
Dehydration and Stress Quik Gel, NV Powder, Thirve, Vitalize
Diarrhea NV Powder, Megamix
Dirty Water KD Powder, Megamix
Egg Binding Calcium Plus, ioford, Hi Cal
Feather Plucking Calcium Plus, DufoPlus, ioford, Hi Cal, E Powder, TurboBooster
Emergency / First Aid Treatment Quik Gel, ER Formula, NV Powder, Thrive
Lice / Mites S76, Avian Insect Liquidator
Poor Libido E Powder, TurboBooster, F Vite, Breeders Blend
Scaly Face S76
Sick Bird Quik Gel, Vitalize, NV Powder, Thrive
Worms Worm Away, S76
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